Our extensive portfolio of products and network expertise ensures our ability to provide solutions that address major challenges such as environmental condition, performance, and quality that enable the network stability for the future.

Drop Cable

Drop cables are designed for aerial, building installations and to run from the distribution point to the subscriber, to ensure high reliability with right quality requirements.


Distribution Boxes

Genexis Distribution Boxes (GDB) support the most difficult environments (IP67) and are suitable for corridor, basement, room and buildings outer walls installations.


Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Low loss and reliable performance FWDMs component, that demonstrates low loss and high availability.


Patch Cable & Pigtail

Patch cord and Pigtail meeting the requirements of 9/125um, G657A standards, ensuring high availability and easy installation.



Industrial grade global standardised SFPs, suitable for wide operating temperature environments that provide flexibility for any network upgrade. Complete range of SFP designed for ISP, Telecom segment with focus on high performance and high availability requirements.



Complete range of splitters covering 1:N and 2:N, manufactured for working environmental conditions, with mechanical characteristics for easy installation.


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